Institute for Medical Microbiology
Center for Hygiene and Human Genetics
School of Medicine

University of Göttingen

Kreuzbergring 57
D-37075 Göttingen

Head: Prof. Dr. U. Groß

Secretary: Angela Aurin-Gerke

Phone: 0049/551/39-5806
Fax: 0049/551/39-5861

The Institute for Medical Microbiology is responsible for research, teaching and diagnosis of bacteriological, mykological and parasitological infectious diseases. In addition, advice is given in travel medicine and vaccination is offered for international travellers. By having established the Cooperative Hygiene of Infection together with the section Hospitalhygiene, it is hoped that microbiologically orientated infectiology will be intensified for the university and for external hospitals. Finally, such cooperation will help to limit nosocomial infections.


 Angela Aurin-Gerke